Uses Of Ephedrine

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What Are The Uses Of Ephedrine

Ephedrine is an indirect and direct sympathomimetic amine, a prescription medication that affects your central nervous system. The dose and usage method depend on the doctor’s instructions and the patient’s medical condition.

Ephedrine’s significant uses are:

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9 Uses of Ephedrine

Brain Protection

1. Brain Protection:

Ephedrine stimulates and acts upon beta-adrenaline receptors that play a role in improving memory. The study was conducted over two weeks. The ephedrine drug had a slight effect on increasing attention.

In rodents, Ephedra plant extracts help treat blood-brain barrier breakdown. And an abnormal accumulation of fluid within the brain following injuries to the spinal cord or brain. This could be a protective element against brain injuries caused by bleeding.

2. Asthma Symptoms:

Ephedrine could reduce breath shortness as well as breathing spasms. In a study that included people with asthma, two-thirds felt relief from the symptoms. In 12 patients with asthmatic and inflamed airways, gaseous Ephedrine proved 50% effective in relieving the signs. Ephedrine taken orally was not very effective.

In a two-week study, the ephedrine treatment prevented lung function loss in eight people with asthma. After being treated with Ephedrine for 3 days daily for 2 weeks, just a single dose of Ephedrine had no results in opening the patient’s airways. This indicates that they have a tolerance to treatment. Although Ephedrine is highly beneficial in treating asthma symptoms, it is not without some limitations. There are situations where it could perform better.

Asthma Symptoms
Weight Loss

3. Weight Loss:

Various supplements have been promoted to help people lose weight. Still, health officials need to confirm or recognize research and clinical studies. Dietary control of calories and increased physical activity are the only methods to lose weight.

A randomized study was conducted on 43 overweight patients (41 women). It was discovered that patients shed an average of 12.6 kilograms. Ephedrine with caffeine was given to them three times per day over 8 weeks. They also combined it with a low-calorie diet.

A six-month study with more than 167 people found that herbal ephedra and caffeine diminished body weight and fat twice faster than placebo.
In a study involving 67 participants, an herbal blend of Ma Huang (ephedrine plant) and Guarana (caffeine plant) helped in short-term weight loss and fat loss.
In a study that had one year of follow-up for 225 smokers, weight was reduced significantly after caffeine, and Ephedrine was consumed in the initial 12 weeks of the study.

4. Myasthenia Gravis:

Ephedrine is used to treat Myasthenia Gravis, a disease that can cause the muscles to weaken and become fatigued. Four participants in a set of studies that were placebo-controlled used Ephedrine to add to their primary treatment. It resulted in a modest but constant reduction in symptoms as well as weakness.

In a follow-up study, 10/12 patients saw increased strength and flexibility after 6-8 months of treatment. However, this study did not have a control study group.

Myasthenia Gravis
Low Blood Pressure

5. Low Blood Pressure:

In a study conducted on 204 female pregnant patients who had been under spinal anesthesia, it was found that the efficacy of Ephedrine was higher in controlling blood pressure than Phenylephrine. However, in a systematic review of seven such research studies (292 expecting women), it was found that there were no differences in blood pressure improvement between Phenylephrine and Ephedrine. 

Phenylephrine was significantly more likely to boost heart rate than Ephedrine. In a randomized trial of 51 patients who underwent vein surgery prolonged treatment for hypertension, Ephedrine energetically elevated blood pressure whenever it fell below normal levels.

Ephedrine can increase the rate at which the heart contracts in dogs. This can lead to a rise in blood pressure. 

For Male Rats

For male rats, (-)-ephedrine isomer drained blood vessels faster than a racemic mix of Ephedrine. These could result in increased blood pressure. Ephedrine can narrow veins more than arteries, which raises blood pressure. In another study of 32 teenagers, Ephedrine didn’t substantially boost blood pressure or heart rate.

6. Narcolepsy Symptoms:

A few doctors have reported initial results with Ephedrine to treat children suffering from narcolepsy. One 13-year-old male, as well as two girls aged 9, had been cured of insomnia during the daytime together with Ephedrine. 

However, it’s impossible to conclude from a single tiny trial or individual reports of cases.

Narcolepsy Symptoms
Athletic Performance

7. Athletic Performance:

Ephedrine is mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes because of its ergogenic effects on energy levels, mood, metabolism, and heart rate. An extensive review of the clinical literature discovered moderately beneficial effects of Ephedrine, but only for temporary performance. The reviewers also pointed out the poor quality of clinical evidence as a main drawback. 

A study showed that Ephedrine proved efficient only when combined with caffeine.

Another review concluded that ergogenic (performance-enhancing) properties are overplayed, and the risks outweigh the potential benefits.

8. Bladder Control:

A study was conducted on 37 patients who lacked bladder control (urinary incontinence). Ephedrine helps control for those with mild wetting problems, regardless of the reason.

Bladder Control
Cholesterol Levels

9. Cholesterol Levels:

Based on a clinical study, Ephedrine aids in breaking down a form of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the arteries. If combined with caffeine, it can increase HDL cholesterol. This helps to prevent blockage of arteries and could help to prevent the development of cholesterol-related heart diseases.

In a six-month test of 167 participants, herbs, coffee, and ephedra significantly reduced LDL cholesterol and raised HDL cholesterol levels. The study also showed that caffeine and herbal ephedra significantly increased HDL cholesterol levels. A mixture of 20 mg of Ephedrine with 200 mg of caffeine decreased triglyceride in the blood. It prevented a decline in HDL cholesterol levels among 32 obese women following a strictly adhered diet. 

In a trial lasting 16 weeks for the 57 participants, a mixture of caffeine, Ephedrine, and diabetes medication increased HDL cholesterol to 7.8 mg/dL. 

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How To Use Ephedrine?

Follow the directions given by your physician. Look over the medicine label to find the exact dosage guidelines. Examine the label on the medication for precise dosing guidelines.

Talk to your doctor to answer any questions you ask about using Ephedrine. Browse our website now to discover the best ephedrine products in the UK and take the first step towards a healthier, more energetic you.

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When Not To Use Ephedrine?


The medicine should not be used for patients with an allergy to Ephedrine or any other active ingredients within the formula.
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